School Lunches

Here at Brookside we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle.  As part of this aim we feel it’s important that children are given a variety of menus to encourage healthy choices.  All our menus are selected in consultation with LCC Catering Services to provide a well balanced meal.

Under the Government initiative Reception (EY1), Year 1 (EY2) and Year 2 (EY3) children are provided free infant school meals.  Meals for Years 3 to 6 will be provided at a cost to you of £11.00/week, £2.20/day.

Our new summer menu will come into use after the Bank Holiday Monday on Tuesday, 2nd May.  This is a rolling three week menu choice and will run up until November 2017.  Please note it is possible for your child to have all school meals, all packed lunches from home, or a combination of both as long as a three week pattern is adhered to.

If you have any queries please contact the school office for further information.

Menu wc 2nd May 17