Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

 The home of Brookside’s Learning Heroes!

In Year 3 we love to learn new things and work together to achieve our goals. We are excellent friends to each other and like to help our peers move forward in their learning.

We really enjoy reading books by the author Roald Dahl and finding out about The Iron Giant, as well as working our Mathematical brains in problem solving investigations.

We love our PE and Science lessons where we get to play fun games and build our own model volcanoes to mimic an eruption and investigate how shadows are formed.

Our first topic of the year will be Rock and Roll where we will learn about the Stone Age and Volcanoes and Earthquakes. In the second part of the Autumn term, our topic will be The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes. We will be learning about the Bronze Age, Iron Age and we will make pop up books about The Iron Giant in DT. In the Spring term, we will be learning about the geography of Greece as well as the history of Ancient Greece. We will also learn about Ancient Egypt. In the Summer term, we will learn about Where We Live and this will include a study of the UK. Finally, our last topic will be Healthy Humans where we will learn about keeping fit and healthy and will design a healthy healthy pizza recipe in DT.