Joy of Moving Festival

Joy Of Moving Festival 2018

Pictures from gymnastics

Some pictures from our gymnastics lessons. Look how bendy we are! We learnt different stretches, how to spot one another and how to build a sequence of moves

Islamic Workshop

Last week,  Anwar came to visit our class! He explain the 5 Pillars of Islam in more detail and showed us how he prays. We then learnt to write peace and love in Arabic and used this to create our own messages to the victims of the Manchester attack.

Our Amazing Amazon Event!

Many thanks to those who came to taste our food and listen to our debate before half term. The children loved having you in class and it gave a real purpose for their learning. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!  

Homework 9th June

Here is the homework for this week Homework 9th June

Year 5 Homework 12th May

Here is the homework for this week 🙂 Maths 12th May Homework 12th May

Year 5 Summer 1 Newsletter

Here is what we will be up to this half term!

Our Air Resistance experiment!

Class 5 carried out their air resistance experiment on Wednesday 29th June. They dropped their parachutes from the same height and each parachute had a different surface area. The children realised that the bigger the surface area, the slower the parachutes fell to the ground. Have a look at the pictures the children took of themselves whilst they carried out their experiments! 

Preparing for an air resistance experiment!

On Tuesday 28th June, Class 5 spent the afternoon preparing for a science experiment on air resistance. The children discussed air resistance, made scientific predictions, discussed the different variables and planned out how they were going to carry out the experiment. The children made three different parachutes all with different surface areas. Tomorrow, the children are going to test their parachutes to see what happens! Have

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Happy Father’s Day!

Class 5 made wonderful tie creations for the important men in their lives. They wrote all about why their dads and grandads were important to them. The conversations that took place in class were extremely entertaining….especially when different habits were discussed!     f