Joy of Moving Festival

Joy Of Moving Festival 2018

Sports Specialists

We have enjoyed several PE sessions with sports specialist over the term. We have focused on dancing skills and developed our throwing and catching skills. The children have had so much fun in the sessions.  


Forrest Sessions

  We have had lots of fun in the forest building dens for mini beasts with sticks and leaves.

Halloween Fun in EY1

   We have enjoyed our spooky activities.

Construction Area

We have recently moved our construction area in class. The children have enjoyed playing in our new area and have built some fantastic models. We have been encouraging the children to draw a plan and write a label for their models. Some children have also chosen to use the measuring tub and measure how long or tall their model is. Have a look below

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Learning how to ride a bike.

Over the course of a few days the children have practiced riding bikes. They started off riding on the balance bikes and then progressed on to riding a pedal bike. All of the children tried really hard with this and we are very proud of them all! Well Done EY1 children.

Shrove Tuesday – Tuesday 13th February 2018

The children had lots of fun making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children added a topping to their pancake and enjoyed tasting them. Yummy!          

Music with Mr Barnes

Mr Barnes came into EY1 and we had lots of fun having a Christmas sing along.    

Chinese New Year

The children enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the dog. We watched different video clips of celebrations of Chinese New Year and loved watching the dragon dance. Some of the children chose to have a go at painting some numbers in Chinese and others used the chop sticks to see how many marshmallows they could pick out

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