Our Class Trips

February 2018 – Schools Partnership Link
The children went to meet the children from Rawdhatul Uloom Primary School in Burnley at Burnley Youth Theatre. They took part in lots of exciting activities and drama games and had lunch with their new friends.



October 2017 – Toys from the Past Topic


We took the children in EY2 to Ilkley Toy Museum to learn more about old toys. The children looked at the different toys children would have played with in Victorian times right up to the modern day toys. They did a toy hunt, a toy quiz and investigated the types of materials the toys were made. They even got to work a toy model playground and watch the wind up tin train work too!


Here the children are looking at toys from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and Victorian dolls’ houses.


The children looked at old teddy bears and a Victorian toy called a ‘zoetrope.’ To make the zoetrope work, the children put strips of picture cards in and spun it. When it spun, the little pictures looked like they were moving to create an optical illusion.


The children looked at clockwork toys including a wind up pig and elephant which were both over 100 years old!